Dogs are people too

I was born a dog person. My parents had Ernie when I was born, then Ernie died, then we got ralph who died when I was in High School.  After Ralph was Buddy.  Buddy has multiplied into Missy, Gus, Maggie and Charlie.

It is interesting how they become your children.  Maggie and Charlie are actually better than kids.  They never get sick of me, they love what I feed them and they will never expect me to pay for college.

It is interesting though that although they like me as a person I do think they try to be nice about some things when they really want to tell me to go to hell.

For instance, as I write this, at 1am, Charlie is laying on the floor in the fetal position because frankly, its past his bed time.  I try to talk to him and he gives me the same look strangers on the metro give me when I try to talk to them. Maggie on the other hand can sleep anywhere under any circumstances, except thunder.  Kid can’t stand thunder.  She has to take downers when it rains.

So what I am saying is this: My dogs are better than your kids.


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