Who wants to see a fat women without clothes on?

Pregnancy photography is weird.

I know it can be done tastefully and with things disguised but why dont these women look bloated, angry and stretch mark-y? God forbid the day I get knocked up (which will never happen I will have you know) the last thing I will want is a photoshoot featuring my fat ass.  There is nothing sexy about pregnancy.

I get it, its a miracle that the condom broke that night you drank too much schnapps.  But really, keep your shit off facebook.

Moreover, men, I dont want to see your wife/girlfriend/one night stand huffing and puffing while birthing a pooping, screaming alien covered in goo on my facebook feed.  Stash that in the private collection on the book case.

So the moral of the story is this: When you are knocked up, stay away from cameras.


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