Just like crack!

There are many things that people list as being “like crack”. ¬†Crack seems to be the drug of choice when people are talking about things being addictive. ¬†Most of these individuals have never actually tried crack cocaine so they really have no basis for their comparison. Moreover, studies have shown that crack is not the most addictive substance on the planet.

I like to say that something is “just like finding a clean bathroom” in that is is pleasant and also somewhat addictive.

Here are the top 10 things that most people would consider “just like crack” but are not quite actually crack…

  1. heroin
  2. gummy bears
  3. oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  4. children
  5. those bath salts those kids were smoking/eating/snorting
  6. compressed air
  7. starbucks
  8. homemade italian food
  9. fancy, overpriced cupcakes
  10. cocaine

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