Somebody other than Jared needs a job in this house.

The email I sent to trying to get Charlie a job.


I googled pet agents for my dog, Charlie and you were the first result so I thought I would reach out.

My dog is awesome as I am sure you hear a lot. He has no special talents other than always having to pee and pooping on the floor after a walk. His favorite word is “missy” and his hobbies include composting, sleeping and starting conversations with strangers.

Since he has no regard for authority he would be better suited for still photography. Charlie is a 2 year old dachshund. He has a sister but she’s more “community college material”.

So that’s all I have. I have no headshots or anything of that nature because they’re dogs and I have a life but if you would like to see some shots I took with my iPhone I would be happy to send them along.



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