Growing up uncaffeinated

I grew up very sheltered.

I couldn’t see PG-13 movies until I was actually 13, I wasn’t allowed to watch the Simpsons…and I wasn’t allowed caffeine until I was in 7th grade.

I drank a lot of Shasta chemically enhanced fruit flavored soda — or “pop” if you’re from the midwest as we were.

I also drank more than my fair share of caffeine free diet coke.  My parents wanted me to feel as though I fit in with my peers and their love of coke products but also wanted to keep me away from the sweet nectar that is caffeine.

What’s better is that there was never any room in the refrigerator for my caffeine free diet coke, so it lived on the steps of the basement.  Warm. Ready for me to drink it right from the can.  No ice because we didn’t have ice in the door of our ancient and tiny fridge.

So, at 27 years old and not wanting to stay up late with excessive energy that may make me surly or late for school the next day, I have returned to drinking caffeine free diet coke.

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