The Weenie’s Views on Government Subsidized Mental Healthcare

There has been a horrible tragedy in our country this week in Connecticut. It has brought the issue of mental healthcare and gun control to the surface.

I didn’t grow up with guns, I’ve never seen a gun, I’ve never held a gun, I’ve never shot a gun. They are not part of my culture or my life and they will continue to be to be on the peripheral edge for the remaining days of my life.

One thing that does impact me is mental health and healthcare pertaining to mental health.  There was a time where I wasn’t stable and I could not afford care so I simply did not have it. I lived in a part of the country where there were no psychiatrists in the area so I relied on a general practitioner to prescribe medications that made my condition worse.

What everyone seems to be calling for is a centralized mental health plan, a way for people, like Adam Lanza, to seek help for whatever condition he or she may have.  I would also like to say, that at the time of this blog post, Lanza has not been ruled as mentally unstable.  I am not saying that I support what he did, or that he was of sound mind, all I am saying is that there is no evidence that he was mentally unstable yet, so before you spam my comments, take a deep breath and think of something intelligent to say because you are not going to like my response.

So what’s the answer?  A mental health rider on all individual healthcare plans?  Wouldn’t that have been nice when I was self employed paying out of pocket for all my meds and doctor visits.  But lets remember this: many mental health physicians and practitioners don’t take insurance. 

What about a government subsidized plan?  Sure, how about that?  So that you have to be…unemployed?  or so you can game the system and get access to benzos and other potentially addictive medications? Or is it like Obamacare and it will take years to be passed?

What about medication? I have a medication that is $630 a month. Every month it is $630. And thats just one. What about another one that is $400 a month.  So that’s $1,030/month. What about the others?  Is there a prescription plan with this government subsidized plan that everyone seems to be so wild about?  Come on Facebook, whats you plan?

How do we make people go to the doctor?  So we have this plan in place, hooray for all of you democrats and making a difference.  Now you can sleep better at night.  You have successfully raised taxes and made yourself feel better about “keeping your kids safer”.  So now what?  Do we just, en masse, scoop people into the back of a van and cart them into the hospital to be interrogated and see if they have any mental instabilities? no.  no you fucking idiots.  they have to go in on their own.  and here’s a fact, most people, who are sick, like sick enough to take out an entire class of kindergartners, aren’t thinking to themselves “geez, i’m a little down today, I sure wish there was an affordable healthcare plan that I could use to go get on some Lexapro so I wouldn’t fantasize about killing kids all day”.

You are all idealists.  People who kill other people cannot be stopped by putting a plan like this in place.  They do not show signs of becoming serial killers because if they did, they would be stopped and evaluated.  So if you see your kid lighting your cat on fire, take him in, he will probably kill you when he’s in his 20’s.

I’m all for progress and if a plan like this helps post-pardum moms get on something so she doesn’t smother her infant, or a college student who is struggling in school get on some anti-depressants, then hoo-fucking-ray, but screaming that a centralized mental healthcare system will stop mass shootings is completely ludicrous.



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