19 year old coed: “What does guava taste like?” (inquiring about a juice)

me: “i dont know, sweet maybe…”

19 year old: “do you think I would like it?”

me: “i dont know? you should try it out and see if you do”

19 year old: “im going to go ask someone who works here”

10 minutes

19 year old: “ok, im getting the guava”

me: “good choice”

iCloud and Me

Fuck you iCloud, hard
Today you made me cry, sads
I hate you, iCloud

You try to run me
But you don’t know me at all
Get out of my head

My computer is sad
Because of you and your shit
So is my iPad

Updates, oh, updates
You take me all fucking day
You hurt my feelings

You make me throw things
And say mean things to the dogs
iCloud, I hate you

Listening? No way!
Apple is responsible
This is Steve Jobs’ doing

I didn’t invite you
Perhaps, you should be in beta
No training for me

Stop running my life
I like downloading things twice
I am controlling