An ode to group projects at the College of Charleston

Oh, Charlotte, is that even your name?
I cannot handle this game
that you are playing with my grade
If only you were being paid
To be in my group
You’d be fired

A shout out
To my other group mates
Not to pout, y’all
This was designed by fate
Do y’all have email?
Or am I the only one?

What in the fuck
Do you do all day?
I do not give a fuck
Do as you may
But when I send an email
I expect you to respond

I literally just learned your name(s)
You sounded really lame
Do you know what Google Docs are?
I know…It’s like really far
Why can you not be a team player?
You would be benched

Now, here we are
The date is upon us
We present tomorrow, arg!
We have been on the cusp
Of total disaster
Because of your shit

I swear to God
If I get below a B
I will find a rod
And hit you in the knee
Just like Tonya Harding
I will see you in the morning

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