Missed connection: My paycheck

***Some context: I worked at an ad agency in 2009 that was going under.  They often missed payroll and we would go weeks without being paid.  It was awful.  So one day I wrote a missed connection for my paycheck and put it on craigslist.  It was promptly flagged and taken down.

I missed you last week. I look forward to you being deposited into my account on the first and fifteenth of every month. What happened?I know I called you small and insignificant, but you are significant. You mean something to me. The truth is, I could find another one of you somewhere else, bigger, more caring, but I can’t just leave you. But you left me.Sure, “next week,” but I need you now, paycheck.When I applied for this job, I thought it was a reputable company, as it turns out, I am in an abusive relationship with [redacted].

If you come back, I promise not to complain or make fun of your size ever again. Let’s go shopping like the old days. Me, my bank account, the electric company, and my landlord all miss you.

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